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women entrepreneurs   coaching for women

Entrepreneurial Mentoring with
Dr. Rhoberta Shaler will help you to:

  • Define your business
  • Clarify your niche
  • Determine your target market
  • Create a business model that works
  • End chaos & circular thinking
  • Move you from talk to action
  • Keep you on purpose and on track
  • Create an aligned life and livelihood from
    concept to completion
  • Brand yourself carefully in a chosen target market and succeed

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consulting for women leaders   keynotes for women's conferences

Engaging a Mentor to take you to the next level in your life and business is the secret key that successful people around the world have used to unlock their potential and live their dreams.
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women entrepreneurs   coaching for women

Wise Women Entrepreneurs engage an experienced personal business mentor because they:

  • Want their businesses to flourish
  • Know the value of an experienced mentor, sounding board and confidant to bring their dreams alive
  • May be making the transition from employee to entrepreneur and have no time or money to waste doing it poorly
  • Value fresh insights, information and inspiration focused on their unique business alone
  • Know they may too close to their businesses to have a an objective perspective
  • Seek a comprehensive, aligned approach to building their business - No hit & miss!
  • Want effective internet marketing strategies without wasting money wading through the masses of programs promising millions...immediately!
  • Recognize the wisdom of a systematic approach to their businesses, day-to-day and long-term
  • Acknowledge they have blindspots and want a clear, comprehensive vision of all that their business can become...and how
  • Need viable business & marketing plans and it seems daunting to do it alone, while still keeping up with the day-to-day
  • Know that they procrastinate on planning, while sometimes mistaking activity for progress
  • Are more involved working in their businesses rather than on their businesses
  • Lose sight of their own balance and well-being and need a 'Jiminy Cricket' on their shoulders.

Want to know more about how can

Dr. Shaler help you to create the

life and livelihood you most want right now?
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to create the success you want !

consulting for women leaders   keynotes for women's conferences


Get the direction, support and encouragement to:

  • define success on your own terms
  • examine your values, principles, beliefs & purpose
  • refine and achieve your goals

If someone just asked you the right questions, you could clarify and focus your business vision.  That's a very important beginning.  That person is available to ask those important question to help you uncover, discover & benefit from the clarity of knowing:

  • who you are
  • what your purpose is
  • what you stand for and value
  • what you really want
  • what your best expression of your expertise and experience are
  • how to align your values, principles, beliefs & purpose with how you create a life AND a livelihood
  • how to establish clear, direct paths to achieving your goals
  • how to stay on those paths without needless detours and tempting parking places
  • how you may be creating obstacles to your success and remove them

That person is Dr. Rhoberta Shaler.

She is a psychologist, consultant, mentor and catalyst. She will work with you to clarify and create the balance, alignment and success you want. She can take you from an idea to a successful presence in your target market, online and off. One that makes you an expert in your field and puts money in your bank account!

Bringing the experience and expertise of more than thirty years in business, Dr. Shaler was honored to be named "Outstanding Business Women of the Year for Southern California in 2004."

Dr. Shaler limits her practice to only twelve clients to give each optimal time, attention and service. The best way to become her client is to immediately schedule your introductory half-hour by clicking on this link:  Book Your Session Now!

  • Find the important answers within yourself through insightful questioning and heightened accountability.
  • Reinforce your goals, your abilities, your knowledge and your values while you create quality relationships with yourself and others
  • Maintain healthy balance among all areas of your life.

Get Dr. Rhoberta Shaler on your team today and be a wise, winning entrepreneur! Book your introductory session now.

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What Clients Say:

I have worked with a number of professional and self-development coaches over my 30-year career, and Rhoberta stands out as one of the best. In the course of two one-hour sessions following my Core Values Profile, Rhoberta gave me new insights and practical techniques to successfully resolve a specific conflict at work. What really excites me is how well the techniques work to increase productivity and harmony in both work and home life. If you want to take your relationships to the next level of mutual respect, harmony, and productivity you owe it to yourself to give Rhoberta a call.
December 29, 2008
Chris Allen

Rhoberta Shaler is extremely talented at what she does, and she is truly organized! From the first moment of filling out her brief but comprehensive forms, to the coaching conversations, I found her skillful probing and insights valuable. She is also a very "centered" human being; she calmed me down so I could really concentrate--not an easy task with this whirling dervish! Thanks, Rhoberta!
Mimi Donaldson
Author of "Negotiating for Dummies™"

On your website you say, 'Using gentle, powerful words and examples, Rhoberta teaches how to remove patterns and limitations that sabotage success.' That perfectly describes what you did for me in the sessions we had together. I felt safe talking to you. Because of your kind, gentle way I could more easily hear the things you were saying to me and therefore take it in. Lots of times you told me things I already know but you said them in ways and illustrated with examples that helped me see them a little differently or motivated me to try something different. Your accepting, non-judgmental, kind and gentle way of talking with me helped me to feel better about myself and to motivate me to actually follow through with the strategies we talked about (which of course worked).
Thank you.
-- Antonia Martin, Excellence Mortgage

My coaching sessions with Rhoberta gave me focus and direction at a crossroads in my personal and professional life. I am in the business of helping others build their business, so working with Rhoberta and getting her input was refreshing and much needed.
- Joanne S. Black

I wanted to write this note to say how much Rhoberta Shaler helped me with her coaching. Several points were discussed and some issues were brought to my attention that other coaches were afraid to address. She has helped me to be a better listener (no small task) and this in turn has helped my sales. My selling style was also addressed and she helped me realize I was being overly aggressive and not listening enough to my potential clients' needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Shaler to assist you with any conflict or problems that might arise in your personal or business life.
--Arthur Fessenden, President
The Art of Cruising
St. Simon's Island, GA

Rhoberta Shaler has a gift for saying just the right thing to produce major "a-ha's" and revelations! Her insights and suggestions have helped me integrate my business and life in a way that has left me feeling clear, focused, and energized. It has been a privilege to work with her.
-- Cathy Angell
Speaker, Photographer, Author


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