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Aligning spiritual living with being a woman entrepreneur
to make a difference
while making money in SoulWise Ways™!

Personal, executive and entrepreneurial mentoring & coaching to create the aligned life and business you long for, and the relationships you want--at home and work--that fulfill you at deep levels.
This is what you are here to do!

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Karmic, physical and mental law is reflected in

"Whatsoever a man [or woman] soweth, that shall he [she] also reap."

here in the human world. This seems to be a simple equation, however, it requires a deep, thoughtful exploration.


SoulWise Mentoring leads you to practice spiritual principles in your daily life and relationships.

You can consciously create alignment among your beliefs, values, practices, work, thoughts, words, actions and purpose,

and live a SoulWise Life.

That is available to you...if you are ready.

SoulWise Mentoring offers the personal relationship with an insightful and experienced psychologist and mentor,
Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, who will guide you to discover, uncover, evaluate and explore the alignment that will unleash the life and relationships you are longing for.  Live a SoulWise Life.

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Our clients are at many different stages of life and business. What they have in common is wanting to live from an integrated, aligned approach to daily living, regardless of where they are at the moment in space, e.g. home, office, or bowling alley. They want to create their businesses as an extension of who they are and what they believe. This is integrity.

"What is important is simple: Know what you value and invest your time accordingly. This is integrity and it will bring you peace."
~ Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

You might be:

  • Beginning a new business path
  • Making a transition from corporate to entrepreneur
  • Wanting a promotion and ready to actively prepare
  • Managing people and wanting to do it more effectively to capitalize on each person's strengths
  • Ready to expand your skills in your current leadership position
  • In a muddle, needing focus, clarity and direction
  • Feeling that your life--and that includes work--is out of alignment with your passion, purpose, beliefs or values
  • Needing to create a unified, coherent business model based on who you are
  • Knowing you need a website and wanting to approach a web designer effectively, efficiently and productively to save time, stress and money

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For information about
Mentoring for SoulWise Women Entrepreneurs >>
Mentoring for Couples >>
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