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Group mentoring is a great place for you to start if:

  • You are beginning a new business
  • You want to re-assess an existing business that is not living up to its potential
  • You are ready to create your website, web presence and internet marketing strategies effectively.
  • You are ready to bring new life, excitement, energy, focus and money to your business
  • You are ready to systematically focus on the essential elements of  successful business practices and apply your learning directly to your business model.
  • You want to try out mentoring before investing in individual customized one-to-one sessions
  • You enjoy the sharing and synergy of a group, companions on the journey to success.
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Group mentoring with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler is an exciting, inspiring experience leading you to examine your business and clarify your intentions for it.  Then, taking the insights you have gained, she leads you to apply this practically to your business development.

Each session is 60 minutes and it moves quickly to give everyone time to check in, learn the concepts, debrief the assignments and ask her burning questions.

With small groups of six, you will not get lost in the crowd of a teleseminar and will come to know other women focused on the challenges, joys, trials and celebrations of creating a profitable business.


What are the benefits of group mentoring for you?

  1. You focus on your business goals and know you have an expert in your corner who will lead you to examine your intentions, a coach who has been through most every pitfall and possibility, and lived to thrive!
  2. You have the perspective and support of other women walking very similar paths.
  3. You learn new life-aligning approaches to success that can catapult your business...and your energy.
  4. You gain momentum and motivation from both the mentoring and the group support.
  5. You have the advantage of the experience of the group and brainstorming potential from the calls. You are not alone.
  6. You have a weekly commitment to staying on track and being accountable.
  7. You experience mentoring to prepare for the next step--individual one-to-one mentoring sessions.
  8. You have a cheering section, a brass band and a million balloons to celebrate every step on your journey to success.




This program is for you if:

  • You have a great idea, service or product(s) that cries out to become a business that actually makes you money
  • You have a business and it is in the doldrums needing a strong wind and captain to get it moving in the right direction.
  • You've begun your business but feel like you're going in circles, overwhelmed, stuck, confused or wondering when your turn to succeed will come.
  • You are an expert at what you do, but marketing and promotion are not your strong suits.

This six-week group mentoring program leads you to find the answers to the hard-nosed questions that lead to creating a viable business model. Most entrepreneurs have great insights, ideas and energy, and need more information about creating a business that actually works. Their excitement often comes from the creative side and the systems required are ignored, or, at least, are the objects of procrastination. 

Think of this as your first visit to a business spa, knowing that you're willing to do what it takes to be beautiful, even if there is pain involved.  If you've ever tried to sleep on brush rollers, had electrolysis, intense dermabrasion, or been Rolfed, you understand the process.  And, you know it was worth it and people want to know whatever you did that worked so successfully!

This program offers you the materials, facts, motivation and guidance to walk through the necessary steps to seeing through, thinking through and working through your idea to turn it into the livelihood you want. Although not as customized as individual mentoring, this is a great place to start to examine your business in the bright light of reality and take the steps required to turn your great ideas into income!

  • You want the expertise of Dr. Shaler and the collaboration of the group to keep you moving forward daily.
  • You want the accountability, support and honesty that a group mentoring setting provides.
  • You may not be ready for the intense focus of one-to-one mentoring with Dr. Shaler but you know how essential it is to have access to that expertise while having the professional relationships that group mentoring stimulates.
  • You know that having a mentor makes a huge difference in maintaining your focus and accelerate your momentum in building your business.


This six-week group mentoring program is really a laser-focused coffee date that leaves you uplifted, motivated and inspired to know and take the next steps in growing your business. The only difference is that there is no chatter about anyone not in the room, nor any conversations about things not focused on business.


Knowing that you meet weekly keeps you on target, on track and focused. Each week you come to the call ready to report on the steps you've taken, the places you've fallen, and the heights you've reached...and you have a safe place to discuss it confidentially.


This program is intended to be repeated every six weeks until you feel ready to fly without the flock. Even then, folks return every three months for a six-week renewal, refresher, rejuvenation and reconnection. It's going to the business spa and feeling so much better when you leave!

For NEW CLIENTS ONLY: Your group mentoring is six 60-minute sessions for only $597         

Let's face it! It's more fun to build a business while walking with motivated companions with the same set of challenges. It's that easy. Women do this.

Ready to join a group of motivated entrepreneurs?
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This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to create your website and you need to use your time and money efficiently. No waste! Big savings!
  • You are ready to create your website and you need to use your time and money efficiently. No waste! Big savings!
  • You do not speak 'Dreamweaver' or any other designer software talk.
  • You do not want to feel unprepared, inadequate, out of your league and at the mercy of anyone.
  • You want your website to make you money, not just be another pretty brochure waiting for someone to pick it up....and waiting....and wainting.

As group mentoring progresses, you can learn all that you need to learn to talk intelligently to a web designer AND be completely prepared before doing so! Dr. Shaler will lead you through the steps you MUST take in order to efficiently and effectively talk with a web designer AND get what you want in the shortest time possible. Effective preparation is the key to optimizing your time and money working with someone to create your website.

NOTE: What Dr. Shaler brings to this part of the group mentoring rogram is that she understand the expertise of the designer while understanding the needs of the website to optimize your presence and draw traffic. She has more than sixty websites working for her! No matter how pretty your site is, if it does not reflect the current market on the internet, it will sit there like an expensive, beautiful, well-painted egg! And, no one will discover it. Prepare, prepare, prepare so that you will succeed.

You are ready to create your website and you need to use your time and money efficiently. No waste! Big savings!

Each mentoring group is limited to six participants.

FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY: Six-Weeks Group mentoring - $597
Ready to join a group of motivated entrepreneurs?
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Includes one personal session with Dr. Shaler to assess your current website's effectiveness

This program is for you if:

  • You have a website and you are ready to expand your reach through the internet
  • You want to create a blog that draws people to you and your expertise
  • You need to understand how to use the main social networking sites to your advantage
  • You are willing to work one hour a day to fully engage with the strategies that will expand your web presence
  • You are ready to get very serious about reaching your target audience effectively through the internet

Dr. Shaler has been working as an internet infopreneur for the past twelve years. She stays current with the continuous changes in the internet marketing world and can lead you create expert status iin your niche market. If you put her name in quotes "Rhoberta Shaler" in Google, you will get a sense of the breadth of her reach.  She will shortcut this process for you and give you exact advice and assignments to build your web presence.

Six-week group mentoring with one initial individual hour to assess your current website.  This group is limited to eight people as it is very structured and systematic. 

FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY:  Website Assessment and Six-Weeks Group mentoring - $747
Ready to join a group of motivated entrepreneurs?
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Which mentoring Interests You most?

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Email:  RS@ForWomenEntrepreneurs.com

If you are having trouble deciding to invest in yourself, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have time and money to waste wondering what the best next steps are, or wandering the internet hoping for a miracle solution?
  • What is really stopping me from achieving my goals?
  • Who is going to hand me the life & lifestyle I want if I'm not willing to invest in myself?




There is no such thing as work/life balance. You are constantly balancing, every day and every moment. Life is a single whole, one piece living in peace.

Begin by understanding your innate core values, drivers, motivators and preferences. Take the Core Values Profile with a personalized debrief. You will be amazed at the insights you will receive that will help you fashion the life you want.

Take it in only 10 minutes online & get immediate results by email.

P.S. It will help you understand others in your life in ways that you have never been able to articulate!

The Core Values Profile™ is an effective way to get some insight into your own innate preferences, values and approaches to life.  The Core Values Profile™ is an insightful and valuable inventory of your preferred approaches to life & work, interactive preferences, anxieties, communication and conflict management styles, and deeply held values.

It's an excellent tool for getting a clue about what you are "meant" to be doing, and how you can best apply your skills and interests to your job, or to a new career.

Take it today! Delivered online for just $49.95. You will get the greatest value from this instrument by choosing to engage with Dr. Shaler in a personalized telephone debriefing as well for a total cost of only $149.95.


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