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Are you truly interested in having a deeply-committed loving relationship?

Do you have an effective model for a deeply-committed loving relationship?

Where did you get it?

Is it working?


  • You feel safe, affirmed, known, appreciated, acknowledged, recognized and welcome in every way.
  • You share, and/or respect, discuss, and foremost, exemplify the spiritual principles you each hold dear.
  • You understand that "committed" is a verb.
  • You want for the other what he or she wants for him/herself.
  • You understand the distinction between enabling and empowering.
  • You are not in an "A-frame" relationship.
  • You have no question about the longevity of your relationship.
  • You can talk about ANYTHING and find solutions that satisfy.
  • You can change the paradigms of relationship as you each grow and develop.
  • You are not "barter-driven."
  • You feel free while engaged in the most intense relationship of your life.


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We live in a world that often runs by inherited systems. We even have a phrase we use to affirm this: "The way it's supposed to be."  We often unconsciously live by these inherited systems in our relationships. In fact, we are on auto-pilot and simply don't know it. This is all too frequent in the progress of intimate, love relationships.



Inviting an experienced pscyhologist, coach and spiritual traveler along with you on your journey together offers amazing insights that will draw you to understand each other in ways you likely have never explored.

soul driven loveIf you are ready to experience your relationship from a more soul-centered point, and are ready to truly engage in all that it means and offers to have a Soul-to-Soul relationship, you're ready for SoulWise Love.


This eight-week program is offered both by telephone or in Dr. Shaler's office, whichever is best for you. It includes the Core Values Profile for each of you with a personalized debrief as well as the eight one-hour mentoring sessions. You will need to set aside an additional two hours each week to talk with each other between sessions. A deep SoulWise Love requires time, attention, intention, willingness and the insights you will be lead to during the coaching process.



CREATING A SOULWISE RELATIONSHIP: Group Mentoring for Couples Only

If you're ready to work on your relationship in a systematic, structured way, an inexpensive alternative to private couples mentoring & counselling is this group mentoring program. Although missing the privacy, confidentiality is an agreed upon contract in the couples group mentoring program.

Limited to 5 couples per session to optimize attention to personal issues.

This eight-week program is offered in Encinitas, CA.

TO REGISTER, Contact Dr. Shaler Directly.


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