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"Dr. Shaler's humor combined with her gentle presence and powerful message make her presentations a "must attend". If you are looking to optimize your company profits and increase effective communication, then make sure you hear Rhoberta."
- Ken Foster, CEO, SharedVisionNetwork.com

"You were an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who really related to your audience, and you provided a great deal of useful information in a humorous and down to earth manner. I would definitely recommend you to other groups or ASWA chapters."
- Karen Doane, Program Chair,  American Society of Women Accountants

"Rhoberta engaged everyone while not being overbearing or threatening; she brought in humor, trust and creativity in a skillful manner. I highly recommend Rhoberta to any organization which is seeking to enhance it's staff/members and thereby ensure better working relations."
- Sam T. Reimer, PhD, RCC, Restoration Counselling Services

"[Rhoberta] lead us to strategies for increasing our authenticity. She was engaging, humorous and enlightening (which was extremely important since we started at 7:30 AM)"
- Gary M. Ernst,  Leadership Development NW, Seattle

"Wow! What a wonderful way to end a convention! You held the entire audience in the palm of your hand. Your suggested skills for building high-performance and collaborative teams was hitting home and they were taking notes...even at lunch! I couldn't have picked a more motivational, dynamic and humorous speaker. I'd recommend you in a heartbeat! Thanks for making me look so good!"
- Vicki Patterson, Executive Director, Idaho Land Title Association

"I found Rhoberta sparkling, inspiring, soothing, and very practical! I made myself a Quik Reference of her tips and started using them immediately. Her message was uplifting and delivered with grace and a contagious calm. I highly recommend this expert speaker and masterful practitioner."
- D.K. McGuire, Instructional & Quik Reference Designer

"I interviewed Dr. Rhoberta Shaler on The Inside Success Show and loved every minute of it. Her excitement for helping people to optimize their lives, be truly successful, and live richly is very catching. Our listeners loved her warm and captivating style. I highly recommend her for any show."
- Randy Gilbert, Author of Success Bound, Co-host of 'The Inside Success Show' on internet radio.

"Rhoberta wowed me over with her warmth and wonderful story telling techniques during her presentation. She had the audience on the end of their seats and touched all our hearts at the same time."
- Debbie Allen, International professional speaker, Author of 'Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters' - www.DebbieAllen.com

 “Thanks for inviting Rhoberta Shaler to be the guest speaker for our meeting today. She was one of the best speakers we've had in a long time in both delivery and content.”
- Participant, 40 Plus

"What I enjoyed most about the program is [Dr. Shaler's] knowledge of the material.
I think learning is better told through stories and you had great anecdotes."
- Learning Annex Student

"[She] is well-organized, knowledgeable & she has the ability to make individuals relax and question themselves."

"Informative from beginning to end. First class!"

"The transfer of positive energy was easily picked up by most of the participants."

"Very serious business handled with humor and sensitivity. Bravo!"

"Dynamic, yet peaceful. [She] really means what she says…being in alignment with herself and the group. Fantastic."

"Thank you for your positive, challenging & humorous presentation."

"What a great perspective!"

"May I take this opportunity to tell you, your advice has had a great impact on my life and I am now living a healthier and happier life thanks to your newsletter."

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