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"As large companies steadily cut costs to enhance the bottom line, employees will be let go.
Some people wallow in despair...others...push toward entrepreneurial turf."

- Gladys Edmunds - USAToday.com


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Women on the Move with a Mission:

Secrets You Need for the Success You Want

Women with an entrepreneurial spirit cannot be all dressed up with no place to go and no one to go with! We need to know our path, direction, destination, motivation and best traveling companions and "clothes" (marketing, promotion & web presence) for the occasion...as well as clear guidance on avoiding risky obstacles, winding detours and tempting parking places.

We cannot afford to mistake activity for progress because time is a non- renewable resource.

In this keynote, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, gives you the valuable insights and strategies you may never have considered that are essential to creating entrepreneurial success. She'll inspire you to integrate and align who you are with your values, beliefs, purpose and vision to create the life and livelihood that is the success you want.


  • how to have a mindset that is in line with the results your want
  • why what you think is important may be only secondary to what IS important
  • three things you MUST do if you want to achieve your goals and create the lifestyle you want
  • how to set up your week for success


Watch out!  You'll be so fired up you'll be making

notes, taking names and ready to run out and

get right on it! 

"Who will I call first??!!!"

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Eight Essential Advantages Women Entrepreneurs Have & How to Use Them to Accelerate Your Business.

When things get tense, there is a tendency to contract and constrict our thinking. This contracts and constricts our businesses. Entrepreneurs have to play big...but, with a plan, with savvy, with the mindset of a mogul with a heart of gold.

Women have eight essential advantages as entrepreneurs. Wise Women Entrepreneurs use them well to make their maximum contribution for an optimal ROI.


  • Gender differences that make a big difference in approaches to business
  • Eight advantages women entrepreneurs have and how to capitalize on them
  • Leading-edge strategies to reverse any thoughts of playing too small. 
  • Know how to clarify, attract and create your ideal business, relationships, life and livelihood. 

Keynote, Webinar or half-day seminar

Wrestling Rhinos: Internal Secrets for External Success

In this entertaining and informative presentation, Dr. Shaler will share with you the internal secrets that will galvanize your commitment to being, doing and having what you desire in all areas of life. Learn to recognize the rhinos “within” so you can successfully wrestle the rhinos “without”. Women Entrepreneurs need to be expert 'Rhino Wrestlers."

Dr. Shaler is an expert in communication, conflict & anger management and negotiation. She draws on this vast experience and expertise to give your audience insights into successful "rhino wrestling." This keynote invites the audience to examine the underlying beliefs that can be supporting OR detracting from creating the success wanted. Unless we bring these into clear focus, we can definitely be mistaking activity for progress and wondering why success eludes us.


The keynote also leads the audience to examine the "rhinos" and the tools required to tame them...or send them back to the savannah from which they came!  Fun, insightful and informative!

Keynote, half-day seminar or webinar

Keeping It Together In Tense Times:
How to Stay Calm, Cool & Collected When Things Seem to be Falling Apart

We all have “stuff.”  We came by it naturally. When tense times arrive—conflict at work, economic threats, relationship issues, exhaustion—our “stuff” arises and threatens to take over.  We need tools, systems, and strategies to take charge of "the stuff" that arises.

This keynote or seminar give you insights and strategies to handle it, rather than let it handle you!  When your shoulders are living at your earlobes and someone is dancing on your last frayed nerve, you want to know you have a bag of tricks to keep it together and live without regrets. 

Learn how to:

  • identify and manage underlying stressors you may be unaware of
  • reframe and conquer anxieties
  • eight strategies for becoming a "crane" and why you need to have them in your toolbox
  • communicate with yourself and others in empowering ways that tame tense times and increase your comfort, competence and confidence.   

Keynote, breakout or half-day seminar or webinar

How to Manage Frenemies, Friction and Frenzy in the Work World

Work would be so much easier without those other people, right? Be wise enough to learn the skills and strategies that allow you to feel confident in your communication, boundary-setting and, conflict and anger management. It is empowering…and, it works everywhere in life!  

Difficult people—annoying, irrational, picky, sneaky, back-biting, politically-motivated, credit-grabbing, small-minded people—are not difficult to identify. Two things are essential: learn how to respond to them, and, learn how not to be one of them. This session will give you the insights and approaches leading you to an entirely new way of creating, managing and succeeding in workplace relationships.  Be a victim no longer!

Workplace conflict pulls morale down and negatively affects productivity. Do not continue to sidestep confrontation and make believe there is no way to change it or need to talk about it. Being seen as a good conflict manager will earn you a reputation for being part of the solution, not part of the problem


  • three barriers to effective communication that have to be removed to work well together
  • how to set boundaries and make them stick, even when you think you cannot
  • three key steps to staying calm, cool and collected in any circumstanc
  • what you need to know to step out and speak up confidently!

Keynote, breakout or half-day seminar or webinar


When you are considering Dr. Rhoberta Shaler for your keynote or conference, consider the Seminars below for your pre- or post-conference workshops,
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Seminars & Pre- & Post-Conference Sessions
NOTE: Most of the keynotes above also have breakout, half-day & webinar formats.

Half-Day & Full Day Formats Onsite

Or Three to Six Hours of Webinar and/or Teleseminar Training

You can take advantage of the in-depth, content-rich seminars Dr. Rhoberta Shaler offers in two ways: onsite or on the telephone.  Her three-hour seminars are offered as half-day presentations, or, as two-ninety-minute teleseminars or webinars.  So, either way, your conference, your meeting, your retreat, or your personal business development will be enhanced. 

Some of Dr. Shaler's programs are offered publicly as teleseminars.  Usually, you would choose to offer one to an intact group of eight to twelve that you have brought together--staff, team, colleagues, entrepreneurial friends. These smaller seminars allow for questions to be asked and answered.

You may think that running someone else's business qualifies you to start one of your own.

Think again"

- Blake Barker, BusinessWeek Online


Difficult conversations are minefields. You are fearful of stepping in the wrong place and creating an explosion that could be potentially damaging.

The most secure path is to walk in the footsteps of experts and rrive safely. This keynote or seminar equips you with a detailed map, practical skills, and essential provisions to naviage and mange the minefilds of conflict and communication...and, special strategies for working with those we perceive as "difficult!"

Let these rules of engagement be your guide. You will learn:

  • common reasons we avoid difficult conversations and how to overcome them
  • techniques & formulas that are effective in tight situations
  • skills that allow you to say what needs to be said and get the results you seek
  • developing the confidence to own and share your perspective, expertise and experience.

Half- and full-day seminar.



SHIFTING From Employee to Entrepreneur:

Key Attitudinal Shifts You Must Make to Suceed

The mindset of an employee is very different from the mindset of an entrepreneur.

  • The phone is not ringing unless you have been making calls and leavingmessages. No one HAS to call you back.
  • There is no paycheck coming unless you create it.
  • There are no paid coffee breaks
  • , no free doughnuts
  • no one paying for the lights to stay on

It's YOU!  That is a mindset shift of monumental proportions and, the best way to make it, is to have the essential differences clearly illuminated for you.  This seminar will lead you through the considerations you need to engage with to create the entrepreneurial mindset you must have to create the results you want.

STRIDING From Employee to Entrepreneur:

Strategic Decisions You Must Make to Create a Profitable Business

You have a great idea. You have skills, experience and expertise. You may have products. You are enthusiastic, excited, and engaged. You may be working long hours, or, not enough hours. You want to succeed. That is a given. Without the systematic consideration of the strategic decision outlined in this seminar, you can feel like a plate-spinner in a Chinese circus: you are running as fast as you can and all that's happening is spinning in circles.  You are mistaking activity for progress. Women entrepreneurs have more tendency to do this than men, and you'll learn why this is so and how to turn that around. This seminar is critical to your success as an entrepreneurial women. .

SUCCEEDING From Employee to Entrepreneur:

What You MUST Do Every Day to Stay Focused, On Track and On Purpose to Succeed

The integration of your mindset, your strategic decisions, your plan and your purpose must translate  into what you do every single day. Without that alignment, you may be doomed to spin, sputter and spend. Alignment is nothing until it is demonstrated in every day life, whether we are talking about your life or your livelihood. Knowing how to systematically implement these daily strategies, those essential to everyone and those customized for you, AND doing it is the key difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.  You will leave this seminar with your keys you need, and the knowledge that they will work to open doors to success.


Harnessing the Power of the Internet to Supercharge Your Business

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, an internet pioneer with more than sixty websites, will help you navigate the wonders, joys, pitfalls and problems of creating a web presence that works and web marketing that succeeds. Get the tools, tricks & tips that will shortcut your journey to attracting your ideal clients, selling your services and products and making money while you sleep. This seminar will give you what you need to feel competent, comfortable and confident in the maze of marketing, gurus and "get rich quick" instant gratification promises of the internet. Become a master of new media with the help of Dr. Rhoberta Shaler.



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honouredDr. Shaler was honored to be voted "Outstanding Business Woman of the Year" for Southern California in 2004 by the American Business Women's Association.


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What Client's Say:

"Rhoberta, your presentation was AWESOME. What a powerful message for women, and is so professionally done. I especially liked how you connected with the audience and because of that they totally tuned in to what you had to say. You provided me and the rest of the attendee's with such wonderful tools that we could immediately take away and put into place.

"Your energy, enthusiasm and presentation style are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing, your message is powerful and needs to be heard all over the world!"

Robbie Motter
President, Contacts Unlimited & NAFE (National Association of Female Executives) Western Regional Coordinator http://www.rmotter.com http:// www.nafe.com (about Dr. Shaler's Optimize Life Now! Keynote

"Rhoberta Shaler's presentation is par excellence and has exceeded all of my expectations. Her message is truly inspiring, she is a phenomenal communicator and she has positively "Optimized" me as a person and the other attendees at her recent seminar. If you need someone that can help you or your business communicate more effectively for clarity, profit, and financial freedom, she is your best choice."

-- Roy Van Broekhuizen, CEO, OnlineTradingGuru.com


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Dr. Shaler's clients include:


  • TransCanada Pipelines
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Camp Pendleton Marines
  • IAAP
  • Inland Empire Business Journal
  • Palmerado Hospital
  • Costco Wholesale
  • American Land Title Association
  • Excell Phi Beta Lambda
  • Calgary Centre for Positive Liviing
  • World Class Business Conference
  • The Cobalt Group
  • ASTD
  • Connected International Meeting Planners
  • Unocal, Bangkok
  • Mesa College of Design
  • King County Library System
  • Associated General Contractors
  • The Leadership Roundtable
  • Aegis Assited Living
  • American Society of Women Accountants
  • Idaho Land Title Assn.
  • WA Software Alliance
  • Western Washing University Management
  • University of Calgary
  • eWomenNetwork
  • American Assn. of University Women
  • Organizational Development Network
  • Leadership Development Northwest
  • Ministry of Transportation - BC
  • The Learning Annex
  • Bates Technical College
  • Professional Women's Conference
  • Women & Business
  • Powercore of Atlanta
  • For You Women's Network
  • Forty Plus of Orange County
  • Atlanta Unity
  • Discover U
  • PCMA
  • Executive Women International
  • INTA
  • BC Assn. of Clinical Counsellors
  • University of Victoria
  • Vernon Hospice Assn.
  • BC Teachers Federation
  • American Business Women's Assn.
  • Seaside Center for Spiritual Living
  • Philosophical Library
  • Human Factors International
  • Beaucoup Chapeaux - NY
  • Mortgage Speaker's Bureau
  • Business Expert Webinars

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