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If you would like an objective view from an outside perspective, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler is an excellent person to call.  A consultant for more than twenty years, and, an owner of several successful businesses, she has been through the good, the bad and the ugly of being a woman entrepreneur managing a team! 

She will listen to your business story, your concerns, plans and desired results, ask lots of questions, talk with key people and observe your systems at work. 

A psychologist and mentor, she can be your "Business Doctor" as she:

  • examines your business
  • asks a multitude of essential questions
  • listens to the history
  • runs a few tests
  • diagnoses the complaints
  • offers practical remedies and solutions for becoming healthier in every way
  • supports your business with checkups frequently to optimize and sustain health

Business health is measured in the reduction of stress from the increase in alignment,

the clarity of purpose which leads to focused action,

the effectiveness of action which translates to positive ROI. 


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Consulting with Your Team

Your people ARE your business! Investing in teambuilding is wise as the return on that investment can be exponential! You may like the people you hire, but:

  • Are they the right people doing the right tasks to optimize productivity and profit?
  • Do they understand what being a team player is all about?
  • Do they have the skills and intention to focus on your mission while bringing the experience & expertise for which you hired them?
  • Does each person make a unique & integral contribution to your business?
  • Are they worth investing in to grow your business exponentially?

with effective communication,
conflict & anger management and negotiation skills:

    • bring in projects efficiently and productively
      build your team
    • experience reduced stress & tension
    • optimize experience & expertise
    • unleash creativity
    • lose fewer work days
    • engage with the long-term mission of your business


When people are hired for their expertise and experience only, they have a "time-for-dollars" mentality. Hire your people for WHO THEY ARE as well as their expertise. Dr. Shaler can help you hire the right people for the right tasks for the right reasons. 

Here is a tool she finds essential:  The Core Values Profile™

Did you know that research shows that "....up to 42% of an employee's time is spent in engaging in or trying to resolve conflicts?"


Give your people the insights into themselves and others that they need to work together, to collaborate, to communicate optimally.

Your teams create your results.

  • Are your teams working productively, effectively, and efficiently?
  • Do you have the right combination of personnel, talent, experience & expertise to match your desired outcomes?
  • Does your team hit the wall, lose valuable members, or drop the ball on major projects too frequently?
  • Do they spend too much time in dispute, nursing wounds, stonewalling, or dragging their feet?
  • Have they lost the creative edge and competent delivery for which they were hired by being mired down with communication, conflict & anger issues?

If you are ready to optimize your teams by giving them the skills they need and playing to their strengths, call or send an email to Dr. Rhoberta Shaler to discuss your special circumstances, the results you want and how best to proceed.

For Women Entrepreneurs
Escondido, CA

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler RS@ForWomenEntrepreneurs.com

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What Clients Say:

“Rhoberta conducted two seminars for my company and is absolutely the "go-to-person" when it comes to learning specific and proven ways for preventing and dealing with issues such as conflict and anger. She has such a calming influence when helping other. I highly recommend her.”
David Greenberg

“I've hired and recommended Rhoberta to conduct conflict negotiation sessions and work styles profiles for myself and several members of my staff. Rhoberta's ideas are creative and powerful. She has a methodology she employs to improve relationships and communication within an organization. We had her work to help us out with some teams that were not working well together. With one-on-one sessions and group sessions she enabled team members to get at the root of their issues and forge new ways to work together more effectively. I've also had her work with myself and some of my staff to better understand our working styles and how that impacts the work we do in the organization. She's a great consultant. I recommend her highly.”
Susan Weinschenk

“I've known of Rhoberta for a very long time and have taken some of her outstanding teleseminars. Her work with conflict resolution is outstanding. She is detailed, caring and very approachable in any situation. She has a warm personality and is right on target with her work. I recommend her as a personal coach or as a presenter for your company. You can't go wrong with Rhoberta!"
Judith Munson, CEO
Inside the Workplace www.judithmunson.com



"Consultants can fill a number of needs. First, they can be a "white hat" by providing useful information taken from customers, employees and management in a way not tied to a clique or power block. Second, they can provide insight into "blind spots" that the organization or senior management has in dealing stressful or new changes in their competitive environment. Third, they can facilitate decision-making sessions that lead to clear actions that senior management can agree to. Fourth, they can provide specialized expertise in a new procedure, technique or way of thinking that is unknown to the organization."
-David Chaudron, PhD,
Organized Change Consultancy

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