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If you are interested in a return on investment, growing your business, or making money, you need to master these skills.

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One session classes on targeted subjects critical to your entrepreneurial success. Get exactly whatyou need delivered to your telephone easily and effortlessly. Soon classes will be also available by simulcast so you can listen on your computer, with no long distance charges.

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Keys to Getting the Callbacks & Information You Want

  • Are you getting the call-backs you need or do you play endless telephone tag?
  • Are your getting the service you require or do your messages not even get answered?
  • Have you spent all day on the phone and not moved forward one inch?

Maybe it's time to learn the finer points of voicemail... and make it work FOR you.

Eradicate the frustration of making so many calls...repeatedly. Voice mail is just one more marketing tool that you can put to work in your favor. Whether it's the messages you leave for other people, or the one that greets your callers when you can't you may befemale entrepreneurs missing a valuable skill. Technology is not an obstacle when you know how to use it to your advantage. Dramatically improve your results.

Ace your message the first time. Learn what you can do differently to improve your results, and how to quickly craft a powerful followup message, too.

Voicemail is your friend when you use it well. Practice these skills and watch your callback numbers soar!

FORMAT: One ninety-minute class


Getting Over What Keeps You From Making The Connections That Make Money

If making calls to build your business, or followup with contacts leaves you feeling cold and clammy, you're not alone. It's one of the hardest skills out there for people who think they're "not a salesperson". Trouble is... without the phone call, you don't get the opportunity to make the sale, or book the seminar, or make the appointment for the promotion review. In fact, without the call, no one knows you're there.

There are simple, low stress ways to get over Call Reluctance. This teleseminar will lay them out for you, and teach you how to overcome the habit of avoiding "the call" - cold, warm or hot. As the saying goes, "you can't win if you don't buy a ticket" - so get in the game!

FORMAT: One ninety-minute class


and When To Use Them

  • When someone offends, upsets, or irritates you, or takes credit for something you’ve done, do you feel comfortable, competent & confident to address it?
  • When there's a blow-out brewing down the hall, do you know how to diffuse it before it explodes?
  • If a customer is yelling at an employee, do you know how to calm them down?

If you had the skills to handle those types of conflict, you would not be carrying that knot in your shoulder or the tension in your jaw for days on end.

You stuff the results of conflict into our bodies and lose productivity. You cannot focus 100% of your attention on your goals, tasks or pleasure when unresolved conflict is weighing on us or eating you up.

business seminars for women

Learn five ways to address conflict WHEN it happens and feel good about it, too. Manage conflict productively without losing friends, clients or sleep! Get these tools and never give away your energy that way again.

FORMAT: One ninety-minute class



Everyone wants to feel clear, confident and competent when communicating and working with others.

Developing the skills to accomplish this with a person perceived as difficult is important to managing conflict, and to establishing co-operation and collaboration. Whether the relationship is long-term with a co-worker or shorter term with a client or customer, a refined set of skills that allows for business to be done effectively is essential.

This 7-step process will help you through, every time. Practicing it, until it becomes second nature, will reduce stress, make you more productive, and allow you to enjoy going to work again.

FORMAT: One ninety-minute class

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These programs are offered over two or three sessions, or, some for several weeks. This creates your opportunity to get exactly what you need delivered to where you are easily.
Cost-effective. Time-efficient. Wise!


You may think that running someone else's business

qualifies you to start one of your own.

Think again"

- Blake Barker, BusinessWeek Online



SHIFTING From Employee to Entrepreneur:
Key Attitudinal Shifts You Must Make to Suceed

business womenThe mindset of an employee is very different from the mindset of an entrepreneur. The phone is not ringing unless you have been making calls and leaving messages. No one HAS to call you back. There is no paycheck coming unless you create it. There are no paid coffee breaks, no free doughnuts, and no one paying for the lights to stay on.  It's YOU!  That is a mindset shift of monumental proportions and, the best way to make it, is to have the essential differences clearly illuminated for you.  This seminar will lead you through the considerations you need to engage with to create the entrepreneurial mindset you must have.

FORMAT: Half-Day OnSite or Two 90-minute Webinar/Teleseminar Sessions


STRIDING From Employee to Entrepreneur:
Strategic Decisions You Must Make to Create a Profitable Business

You have a great idea. You have skills, experience and expertise. You may have products. You are enthusiastic, excited, and engaged. You may be working long hours, or, not enough hours. You want to succeed. That is a given. Without the systematic women entrepreneursconsideration of the strategic decision outlined in this seminar, you can feel like a plate-spinner in a Chinese circus: you are running as fast as you can and all that's happening is spinning in circles.  You are mistaking activity for progress. Women entrepreneurs have more tendency to do this than men, and you'll learn why this is so and how to turn that around. This seminar is critical to your success as an entrepreneurial women.

FORMAT: Half-Day OnSite or Two 90-minute Webinar/Teleseminar Sessions


SUCCEEDING From Employee to Entrepreneur:
What You MUST Do Every Day to Stay Focused, On Track and On Purpose to Succeed

The integration of your mindset, your strategic decisions, your plan and your purpose must translate into what you do every single day. Without that alignment, you may be doomed to spin, sputter and spend. Alignment is nothing until it is demonstrated in every day life, whether we are talking about your life or your livelihood. Knowing how to systematically implement these daily strategies, those essential to everyone and those customized for you, AND doing it is the key difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.  You will leave this seminar with your keys you need, and the knowledge that they will work to open doors to success.

FORMAT: Half-Day OnSite or Two 90-minute Webinar/Teleseminar Sessions


Harnessing the Power of the Internet to Supercharge Your Business

coaching womenDr. Rhoberta Shaler, an internet pioneer with more than sixty websites, will help you navigate the wonders, joys, pitfalls and problems of creating a web presence that works and web marketing that succeeds. Get the tools, tricks & tips that will shortcut your journey to attracting your ideal clients, selling your services and products and making money while you sleep. This seminar will give you what you need to feel competent, comfortable and confident in the maze of marketing, gurus and "get rich quick" instant gratification promises of the internet. Become a master of new media with the help of Dr. Rhoberta Shaler.


Strategies for Everyday Negotiating Success

Every day you negotiate many times a day. You negotiate with yourself and others often.

Whether you’re discussing which movie to see, which employee to hire or whether to buy that new car at that price, these strategies will give you a framework for creating win/win outcomes.

If you have ever felt ‘run over’ in a negotiation, if you have felt like you’re constantly ‘giving in’ to someone else’s niggling or demanding tactics, learn to hold your own and get what you want more often. Negotiation is a learned skill…and you can’t learn it any younger. Don’t let another minute go by feeling like you’ve ‘been had’. Take this one hour program and change all that!


FORMAT: Half-Day OnSite or Two 90-minute Webinar/Teleseminar Sessions


Rules of Engagement for Difficult Conversations

entrepreneurial coachingWe all have to have difficult conversations at some time or another. Breaking bad news, challenging an opinion or decision, butting heads with someone in the office, handling a disgruntled client...whatever it is that send our blood pressure boiling.

Knowing how to handle those kinds of conversations effectively—to ensure results and resolution—will reduce your stress, impress your boss, and retain your employees and customers. There is a reliable process and a set of "rules" to follow that will help you succeed every time. This teleseminar discusses the "rules", gives real life examples of how to use them, and an opportunity to practice.

FORMAT: Half-Day OnSite or Two 90-minute Webinar/Teleseminar Sessions


How to Speak Up for Yourself When It Counts

When is the last time you said what was on your mind?

"Hey! I need this from you now. "

"It offends me when you use those words. Please don't use them around me"?

I'm tired and I really need a break"?

"Can I please get some help?"

Too many of us are too afraid of rocking the boat to ask for what we need and want. Too many of us are suffering from ill health, skin rashes, headaches, nervous stomachs and downcast eyes. Do you see the connection?

Speak up for yourself. Your needs, wants and values are important. It's equally important to know when and where it's safe to do, and how to do it effectively. Learn these straightforward techniques and practice them until they become habit. You will get back your energy. You'll get more respect. Life will get brighter.

FORMAT: Half-Day OnSite or Two 90-minute Webinar/Teleseminar Sessions

To receive updates on classes, dates, times of upcoming teleseminars, or to be contacted about when Dr. Shaler might be in your area, Use this form.                  

To receive updates

on classes, dates, times for teleseminars, or to be contacted when Dr. Shaler might be in your area, Use this form.

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We’ve learned so much from your classes.  They are so practical we can apply the ideas generated from them immediately into our life.
Sharon & Bert Peters

In life, we meet people who stop and make us think…make us look at life and how we relate with it differently. You have been and are one of those people in my life. Each time I hear you, I walk away a little lighter. Thank you for this.
Paula Onysko

Every week, there was a “lesson and/or a reminder” of how to live my life—maybe something I needed to learn or something I had forgotten.
We reap what we sow—your garden is abundant and thanks for sharing your wisdom.
Linda Nammela

The greatest single gift that you have given me is your “living the principles”.  No matter what has come your way, you dealt with it with love, compassion, understanding.  I endeavor to live the principles and be an example for others as you have taught me, by your leave.
Thank you for your wisdom, your words, your example again. 
Soleiha Mahrcell

You have been a positive influence in my life, at a time when it has become necessary for me to adapt and cope with many changes
Thank you for your uplifting teachings.
Jeanette McIntosh-Asmos

Your message and you are consistent, sincere and real, a combination that speaks to me as few others have done.  Thank you for your many contributions. 
Jan Hollingsworth

What a model of standing in truth!  You have been and are a person who walks her talk and I have it down to my toes to walk mine. 
Beverly Rebman

You light up my life with your wonderful words!! I appreciate you.
Donna Bain

The positive in me you brought out automatically.  Confidence in myself, trust in others, you got me to go that way.  I am getting strong and confident , and have new dreams and hopes.  I am actually building my dreams because of you.
Marie-Therese Pelletier

Thank you for speaking the words I needed to hear and in a way that I could really understand.  You have helped me find my way and given me the tools I need. A most important tool that you have given me is that in order to be a great parent, I must take care of myself first in every way.
I have the courage and will to live on and for my purpose now!  And “big girl panties” when I need them.
Barbara Chase-McKay

You are such an inspiration.  As I said when I spoke with you, I see you as a pillar of strength regardless of the storm that has been around you.  I see you as someone who truly walks their talk and never wavers once you recognize your focus.
Seonaid Jenkins

You have been a wonderful inspiration for me.  I appreciate your clarity, passion, and your great sense of humour.
You handle “war zones” with such class and power.  I’m so-o-o-o-o-o impressed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your wonderful teachings.  Your messages are always loud and clear.
Michele Cassady

What to say.  It has been a real pleasure for both of us listening to, and learning from you.  There are many speakers who speak well.  There are many teachers who teach well.  There are few who are so excellent at speaking, teaching and demonstrating such a powerful, personal example of love, integrity and skill in being, doing, loving and growing.
Thank you for what you have told us, taught us and, most importantly, shown us.
Les & Patricia Morgan

Thank you for all the gfits you have so freely given--the knowledge, the wisdom, the kindness and the love!
You helped me to put so much into a workable perspective.  The way you teach with love and laughter has opened my mind and my heart.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the tips of my toes!
Sharon Falconer

Founding Member of iCop

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